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Pinot Noir
gehaltvoller, fruchtiger Rotwein
Passt zu
einfach mit Brot/Snack
rotes und weisses Fleisch
kräftige Terrinen & Pasteten
bauchige, grosse Gläser
bei 16-18 Grad servieren
opt. Trinkreife
3-12 Jahre
73.00 Fr.
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Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 13,5 Vol.%
- Drehverschluss

Sicher einer der Besten Pinot Noirs der Neuen Welt!

Bright, succulent, ripe red fruits create an inviting first impression of this classic Ata Rangi Pinot Noir. As the wine unfolds, delicate floral aromas emerge - think of dark, velvety roses - a fitting image for a wine with such luxuriously silky textural qualities. Tannins are very fine,
very supple, allowing the wine to show lovely primary fruit on the nose at this early stage.

Rotwein Ata Rangi Pinot Noir Martinborough Neuseeland

- 97 Punkte Nick Stock, Australia WBM, Wine 100
- 97 Punkte Nick Stock, Penguin Australia Good Wine Guide

- The pinot noir I have tasted from Ata Rangi and Dry River can stand alongside any of those found in Burgundy. They possess a ripe, plummy fruit character with an appealing savoury component that puts to shame many of the one-dimensional fruit bombs found elsewhere.
Will Lyons, Scotland on Sunday.

- "New Zealands greatest and most consistent Pinot." Nick Stock, Wine Business Monthly, WINE 100.

- "If I was ranking wineries from first to last, rather than alphabetically, Ata Rangi would still come out on top. The focus is inerringly on making the best wine possible. The king of the Ata Rangi stable is pinot noir and in ascending order of greatness, Ata Rangis other outstanding wines include syrah, pinot gris, sauvignon blanc and Craighall Chardonnay."
Joelle Thomson on New Zealand's Top 10 Wineries.

- "This quiet, gentle, well respected winemaker has never sought the limelight, but every bottle of Ata Rangi Pinot Noir carries the stamp of Clive Patons relentless quest for excellence"
Michael Cooper, Wine Atlas of New Zealand.

- "Ata Rangi is easily the most consistent producer in Australasia, making complex, age-worthy wines."
Australian winewriter Tim White.

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Land: Neuseeland
Webseite: www.atarangi.co.nz
Adresse: Ata Rangi, Martinborough, Neuseeland

Ata Rangi

Wahrscheinlich der beste Pinot Noir der Neuen Welt.

ATA RANGI "new beginning" or "dawn sky" was a barren 5-hectare paddock when Clive Paton bought it in 1980. He was one of a handful of winemaking pioneers in Martinborough, then a forgotten rural settlement, who were attracted to the area by three key features - the localised, free-draining shingle terrace some 20 metres deep, the lowest rainfall records of anywhere in the North Island, and the proximity to the capital city of Wellington, just an hour away.

Clive, who would farmed in the area, knew the land well. He chose mainly red varieties - Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah - and set out in pursuit of world class wines. Pinot Noirs potential shone from the start - the early wines widely appreciated for their texture and for their pure fruit expression of the variety. The early days were tough with no income, trees or shelter belts (the Wairarapa is renowned for its relentless, drying nor-westers) and little experience. The first winemakers persevered, sharing knowledge and ideas, as well as equipment and winery space. Clive grew pumpkins and garlic between the rows, carting them to the markets in Wellington.

His faith in the area paid off. Ata Rangi Pinot Noirs have three times won the coveted Bouchard-Finlayson Trophy for Best Pinot Noir at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. This international recognition came after a decade of gold medal and trophy successes in Australasian wine competitions. Today the wines enjoy an enviable international reputation, with listings in many of the finest restaurants of the world. As Bob Campbell MW notes "It is true - Ata Rangi has the Midas touch with all of its wines."

Ata Rangi expands...
Ata Rangi and the family team have gradually expanded since those early days. Clives sister Alison, who would been working in the wine trade in London, purchased 2 hectares adjoining the original block in 1982. Today she looks after admin and finance for the company. Phyll Pattie, formerly a winemaker in her own right, joined Clive in life and business in 1987 and today is responsible primarily for export marketing.

Clive, Phyll and Ali are the equal and exclusive shareholders in Ata Rangi Limited and all three still work in hands-on roles in the business. Head of production is talented winemaker Helen Masters, with oenologist Oliver Masters working part time as technical consultant.

Around 12,000 cases are produced from the 30 hectares of vineyards supplying fruit to the winery. Almost half is exported, mainly to Australia, the EU, USA and Japan. The winery shop welcomes visitors all year around. Hours are 1pm to 3pm midweek, and Noon to 4pm weekends and holidays.

Today, Martinborough is thriving. The charming, leafy wine village - with its cluster of restaurants, cafes and interesting shops centred around a park-like Square - is a popular destination for wine and food-lovers or for those simply seeking a retreat from city life.

Wir haben vom Weingut Ata Rangi - Martinborough - Neuseeland vorallem Weissweine und Rotweine im Angebot. Tolle Weine!

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