Bodega Tempus Alba
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gehaltvoller, trockener Rotwein
Passt zu
einfach mit Brot/Snack
Pasta / Risotto
rotes und weisses Fleisch
einfach so zum Vergnügen
schlanke, grosse Gläser
bei 16-18 Grad servieren
opt. Trinkreife
3-10 Jahre
26.00 Fr.
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Rotwein Bodega Tempus Alba Tempranillo 14 Vol.%

Der Wein Bodega Tempus Alba Tempranillo wurde 6 Monate in Eichen Barriques ausgebaut.

This Bodega Tempus Alba Tempranillo was born as a result of a precise fermentation process control, a long maceration of 28 days and 6 months of ageing in oak barrels. It has a dark red color, with strong and complex aromas.

Bodega Tempus Alba Tempranillo with dark fruit flavors, soft attack, well-balanced, and with intense tannins typical of this variety. Our oenologist highlights the presence of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla marked by wood. With good finish, smooth and persistent.

Rotwein Vinedos Y Bodega Tempus Alba Tempranillo Weine Mendoza Argentinien Weine

Argentinischer Wein Bodega Tempus Alba Tempranillo
- 88 Pt. Wine Advocate
- Gold Medal, China Wine Challange

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Das Weingut Bodega Tempus Alba
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Land: Argentinien
Webseite: www.tempusalba.com
Adresse: Vinedos y Bodega Tempus Alba, Carril Perito Moreno 572, Coquimbito - Maipu - Mendoza - Argentina CP (5513), bodega@tempusalba.com

Bodega Tempus Alba

With the arrival of our grandparents at this loved Argentine land, way back at the beginning of last century, and their decision to settle down in the province of Mendoza, searching for a flourishing life and a place to raise a family; then, our family history began based on love, hard work and hope.

The water of the Andes Mountains did not only allay the thirst of a healthy ambition of progress and freedom, but it also allowed the family to settle down in this beautiful country, and the growing of a vigorous family tree, reaching nowadays five generations.

They planted vines that are as old as we are, and still they remain standing straight as faithful witnesses of that challenge. They built vessels with their own hands to allow the miracle of turning grapes into wine.

That same passion that drove our grandparents to begin this journey, is what makes us love the wine from its roots.

The consummation of this project brings back plenty of emotions and feelings, and this is the reason why we consider it an essential milestone at this stage of our lives. Making this dream come true is the next chapter, and writing it is the job of the generations to come.

Just like that end, that is not the end, this is the beginning of a story; the dawn puts an end to the darkness of the night and at the same time, it is the beginning of a new day full of light, energy and hope. This is the reason why in our Bodega Tempus Alba winery we celebrate the Time of the Dawn, and this is also the reason for its name: Vinedos y Bodega Tempus Alba.

Wir haben vom Weingut Vinedos y Bodega Tempus Alba - Mendoza - Argentinien vorallem Rotweine im Angebot. Tolle Weine!

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